We have talented teams building challenging web platforms.

Our specialty is thinking across the board and helping you translate your business needs into reliable software solutions that span different channels like web, mobile, desktop and even print.

We coordinate, design, implement and support the entire technical flow of medium-sized projects, always keeping focus on the bigger picture: creating your business value in the modern multimedia landscape.

At Foreach we firmly believe that our core values and continuous investment in our people are key to achieving the best results.

Our projects vary from content management and digital publishing over cross-media marketing to industrial planning and optimization.  See our projects page to get a better idea of what it is we do.

Who we are

"Foreach" is a keyword and construct in many programming languages.  Being three software engineers, we chose this name when starting in 2006, because it emphasizes our focus on "many" instead of "one", which is exactly what cross-media is about.  Today we are about 30 teamplayers, still convinced that a value-centric approach is the best way to build reliable software solutions.

Our experience ranges from high-end webplatforms to mobile apps in often short time-to-market domains like media and marketing.

Keeping the birds-eye view, integrating with other solutions and working together with other parties is perhaps where we excel the most.  In a project puzzle, we aim to be the glue that holds the different pieces together.

Our tagline "thinking across" symbolizes both what we offer and what we expect in return: An open-minded attitude without the fear to break outside the box every now and then.

Our skills

Though we do not limit ourselves to a single platform, most of our experience lies with Java, .NET and PHP.  And related to those a whole range of frameworks and tools: DBMS systems, enterprise application servers, web frameworks... from expensive closed-source solutions to free open source alternatives. 

The software development landscape is far too big to list every piece we've ever worked with, so if you have specific technical skills in mind, it's probably easiest to contact us and see if we can help you.

The projects we typically execute on our own have teams from 3 to 10 individuals.  But of course we do plenty of small projects as well and we're never shy of a new challenge. Our skills are not just technical, we alo offer functional and technical analysis, graphical design and the necessary project management.

How we work

In starting up a project we distinguish 3 crucial phases, each with a number of smaller steps:

  1. expectations phase: getting to know each other, clarifying expectations and finding the best fitting win-win contract for the project
  2. execution phase: where the bulk of the work is done, working towards the delivery of the solution
  3. continuation phase: supporting the initial delivery, evaluating the project and looking at possible next steps like a long-term maintenance mode

Building a good software solution is a matter of continuous improvement and getting to know the business of the customer.  That is why we prefer iteration-based and agile development methodologies like SCRUM and Kanban.  Your involvement is crucial in this process and will also get the best results.  

The key is finding the best way to work together and build trust in our relationship, and that's why the expectations phase is so important to us.

How we work

Our skills