• How we go about Testing

    Nowadays, every software company has a strategy to test their code before releasing it to the customer. This can be manual testing done by someone who is less of a techy or by a co-developer or even by the developer who wrote the initial code. Manual testing can be done in many different ways, ranging from exploratory testing – just click here and there a bit – up to strictly following use cases that have been made up by a test manager. This manual testing already goes around for quite some time and is still subject to change.

    August 12, 2014 by Maïkel Vandorpe
  • Defining an efficient documentation structure

    Any type of project or application will always create a certain amount of documents & written information. This is not any different at Foreach.  We have documentation spaces for several customers/applications/projects and recently we decided to have a more in-depth look at how we use them. The objective was to improve our documentation approach, as we felt we were having some issues left and right.  In this article I try to describe the approach we took and the result that came out of it.  But to understand where we're coming from it's probably best to give a bit more background on how we work.

    July 8, 2013 by Arne Vandamme
  • Stash Push Email Notifier

    VCS (Version Control Systems) have come a long way, I remember the time of exchanging floppy disks with source files, not being sure which version was actually the correct one. At work I've met the worse VCS' like CVS, Visual SourceSafe (oh dear!), but quite quickly we moved to Subversion as it became the more standard VCS around the internet.

    June 12, 2013 by Marc Vanbrabant
  • Ramblings of an agile enthusiast

    The continuous fruition of new opportunities created by emerging markets and the need for solutions to previously unexplored (or non-existing) problems has long ago created a blissful environment for sofware developers and customers alike. Considering this, the improvements made in both physical technology and means of communication have made it possible for developers to think about and create these solutions.Doubly so because there is an ever-increasing demand by end-users, content providers, service providers, resellers etc. to make good use of these solutions.

    February 24, 2011 by Jonas Drieghe
  • Prototyping as a tool for functional analysis.

    As a functional analyst for web development projects, I have seen my role evolve over time. Coming from school and working on a first job, you tend to follow the guidelines you have been taught or those that are expected by your employer. A few years in, I have developed my own style due to changes in techniques and the release of tools to support those techniques.

    January 6, 2011 by Wim Janssens