Foreach Unleashes its Two Interns

Next week our KdG interns, Steven & Seger, will leave us. After ten weeks of hard, intensive labour, they are ready to take over the (development) planet. But they’re not leaving us empty-handed though. During their ten-week stay, they figured out a way for our support team to handle sudden client issues quickly and efficiently.

May 31, 2017

Wanted: Creative and Critical Students for Two New Projects

Last week, two of our employees visited their alma mater at the Karel de Grote-college (KdG) to present two proposals of an internship at our company. This was part of an event the KdG did to introduce their students to prospective businesses and vice versa.

The two proposals were: Digital Signage and Support Assistant. Both are going to be Java web applications based on our open source framework Across. The projects have a broad focus ranging from integration with sources to responsive presentation on various screens (tablet, television, smartphone).

February 9, 2017

How to Communicate in a Business - Start by Sharing

Communication. It’s always the biggest challenge in businesses worldwide, isn’t it? They say that no matter what project you undertake, if your internal communication fails, it will often be reflected in the result. So to counter the communication gap, we’ve set up several events to start with the basics: Share valuable information (the kind of information your colleagues need in considering possible solutions to a given problem).

For our developers, our “Weekly Demos” is a good example. Here, developers break down their code to get expert advice and gain valuable insights.

January 30, 2017

2016 In Retrospect - More Communication around Code

The holidays have passed and we’re all stuffed turkeys again (time to hit the gym), so perhaps this is a good time to have a mindful moment about the things we actually did in 2016. Not the things we planned on doing, no (like hitting the gym). The things we actually did. Actions, facts, lessons learned.

January 6, 2017