Het Grootste Licht 2017 of De Standaard

Since a couple of years, Flemish newspaper De Standaard organises a quiz for youngsters aged 18 to 25, called “Het Grootste Licht” (Eng. Mr. or Mrs. Mega Brain). In collaboration with Hello bank!, the winner of this year’s edition can win a Hello bank!-prepaid card worth 3,000 euros or a trip to Cuba. The idea? Gather as much points as you can in each round and make it to the live shows.

For the second time in a row, De Standaard asked us to build the online tool for the pre-selection of this quiz, which is written in the programming language .NET on top of the Selligent software. Non-technically speaking, though, the important thing for you to remember is that you can participate on your tablet or phone.

When you register online, you first have to do a quick quiz with ten general questions. Then, you make it to pre-selection. Pre-selection is done throughout February and March 2017. This is round one. It consists of a small online theme quiz, with the theme varying from day to day and this one week long. There are six cities you can choose to play for. These are: Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Leuven.

In that city, round two will take place: A live show, hosted by Bart Cannaerts, for the participants who gathered the most points in the online pre-selection, and their selected teammates.

Have you and your team gathered the most points in that round, too? Then you can make it to round three, the finale, which is being held in a - for now - yet unknown Flemish city.

Brain maniacs who want to participate can simply register online. For more information about #HGL17, see their Facebook page or the website of Het Grootste Licht.



Tags: Selligent .NET

February 16, 2017