Quick Free Registration De Tijd/ L’Echo through Social Media

Belgian press agency Mediafin has been a loyal customer right from the start of Foreach in 2006. Since then, they’ve put us on many technical challenges like the implementation of their online websites for newspapers “De Tijd” and “L’ Echo”.

This year Mediafin has asked Foreach to modernise the online registration form of these newspapers. A couple of things have changed for the user: not only did the user interface receive a more aesthetic upgrade; it is easier for visitors to register online for free through social media. Though it was already possible in a way through Facebook, the user now has the choice between Facebook, LinkedIn or he could simply enter his personal email address. No more questions upon questions: just login through social media and you can read up to five full articles for free online.

To make our client’s solution happen, our dev team opted for Spring Social for the first time. Spring Social is an open source Java-based library, which is a collection of predefined routines that a computer program can use. It is a technical solution that makes the use of social media buttons easier.

Reg De Tijd/Lecho on a smartphone

Furthermore, the user can now carefully select the type of newsletters he would like to receive. Check for yourself how easy it is on www.tijd.be (Flemish version) or www.lecho.be (French version).


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December 21, 2016