Wanted: Creative and Critical Students for Two New Projects

Last week, two of our employees visited their alma mater at the Karel de Grote-college (KdG) to present two proposals of an internship at our company. This was part of an event the KdG did to introduce their students to prospective businesses and vice versa.

The two proposals were: Digital Signage and Support Assistant. Both are going to be Java web applications based on our open source framework Across. The projects have a broad focus ranging from integration with sources to responsive presentation on various screens (tablet, television, smartphone).

Digital Signage will be an application to assist us in visualising important information on the television screens installed throughout our workspace. It will be able to collect data from a variety of sources and create and show widgets based on these data.

Support Assistant is a reactive, somewhat “smart” application to assist our support team in their tasks. Ideally, this would evolve to a smart personal assistant that suggests solutions to certain problems based on data it has collected in the past, as well as an easy-to-use knowledge base.

Both projects require a broad set of skills, from back end integration of information sources, to the design of a clear and informative front end. Interns will get to understand the challenges a modern day web developer faces, and as such these projects might be able to give their career a head start.

On the 8th of March, Foreach will also be present at the 2017 career fair @Antwerp Expo, organised by Artesis Plantijn and KdG. For students who want to meet first, a small visit is a great way to do it. See you there.

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February 9, 2017