• Devoxx 2016: Java Puzzles and Modular Web Apps using Spring

    5 days. 3500+ Devoxxians. 100 % Java talent. That’s Devoxx 2016 right there, and we’re glad to announce that Foreach is on board! Founded in 2001 by BeJUG-founder Stephan Janssen, this five-day event is the place to be for all things Java development. 

    November 4, 2016
  • Who will be Het GROOTSTE LICHT 2016?

    het grootste licht

    Since a couple of years De Standaard organises a quiz especially for youngsters between 18 & 25 years. In 2016 Het Grootste Licht needed some fresh online ideas and a new look & feel. The general concept is still very simple: gather as much points as you can in each round and win a trip to the other side of the world or a Hello bank! prepaid card of €3.000.

    February 17, 2016
  • Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day


    We have a tradition to celebrate our customers, employees and partners on Valentine’s Day. Although not many business-to-business companies choose to do so, this is actually the only marketing campaign Foreach runs. You may consider it far-fetched or even a bit corny to link professional relations with passion and romance. If that’s the case, we hope to convince you that we are entitled to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    February 12, 2016
  • Hiring in 2016

    In 2015 we were nominated for the Technology Fast 50 by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Belgium. In 2016 we want to continue that growth. For that reason, we are hiring no less than 12 new colleagues, both junior and senior profiles.

    January 14, 2016
  • Multi-site platform for Voka

    It is the holiday season and this year we have an extra reason to celebrate. We extended the Voka portal site into a multi-site platform and launched 3 additional sites. Plato.be was launched in October. Bryo.be and jongvoka.be launched just before Christmas. Just like their parent organization Voka; Plato, Bryo and JongVoka strive to support entrepreneurs and to represent their best interests at all times.

    January 6, 2016