• Alikeforlife page raises 8000 EUR for Music For Life

    Foreach's alikeforlife concept has been a great success. On Friday 24 December Foreach donated €8.000 to Music For Life.

    The simple concept of raising money by liking a Facebook page was extremely well received. While sipping at the fruit juices offered by Foreach's management the employees pulled out all the stops to convince family members, friends, acquaintances, ... to participate. Our initial goal, 1.000 likes for €1.000, was reached after less than a day. The goals we thereafter set ourselves bit the dust one by one. The end result: 80.000 likes in a week's time, for a total amount of €8.000.

    During the week the Music For Life event took place, Foreach was omnipresent with its alikeforlife stickers on its cars and its alikeforlife banner. The media and Studio Brussel's hosts were regularly after us. We handed over the money raised to Tomas De Soete on Friday morning at 9:30 at the glass house.


    December 30, 2010
  • Thysosud: Work order management solution

    Timeframe: 2010-2011

    Our client's problem...

    Thysosud (Casablanca, Marocco) is a production workshop for premium quality ready-to-wear fashion, that works together with European brands and fashion designers for women, men and children. The company is specialized in producing limited to mid-sized series with a very high quality. This quality is guaranteed by their state-of-the-art equipped factory, by their team of highly skilled workers and by the on-site presence of their manager, Kristien Thys, during production. Thysosud aims at developing a long-term relationship with their clients, where fair prices and exceptional quality are key. To enhance this connection with their customers, and to smoothen the working process, Thysosud needed a tool that could optimize the different steps of the process and provide feedback to the designers.   


    December 15, 2010
  • Success story Kilootje Minder continues

    The interactive software application 'Kilootje Minder' (“A Tiny Kilo Less”), commissioned by Brand New Day NV (www.brandnewday.eu) and developed by Foreach bvba (www.foreach.be), is a winner. The Christelijke Mutualiteit's project Kilootje Minder won the Best Nutrition Project Award on Saturday 20th November at the national Nutrition and Health Conference (www.cm.be/nl/100/CM-Fit/Kilootje_minder/index.jsp).

    December 3, 2010
  • Attending Digital Marketing First on October 28th

    The fifth edition of Digital Marketing First will take place this Thursday, October 28th at Tour & Taxis Brussels.  This year and for the first time, Foreach is attending as well. 

    Together with sister-company KTC from Mexico, we are also announcing the start-up of the KTC branch in Belgium

    October 26, 2010
  • De Tijd/L'Echo iPhone app updated to version 1.0.2

    This week the latest versions of the iPhone app of De Tijd and L'Echo made it to the App Store.  Version 1.0.2 is only a minor update that adds support for sharing via Twitter, fixes some bugs and improves compatibility with iOS 4.  See the project sheet for more background information on this project.

    October 15, 2010