Cucumber Web Bridge

After working with many tools like HtmlUnit, Selenium, FitNesse and Thoughtworks Twist, we developed Cucumber Web Bridge (CWB) to fullfill our specific needs for website UI testing.

It's a tool that allows us to bridge the gap between developers and tester.  It provides a plain text language for automating web browser actions and running tests in a specific browser.

Core features are:

  • automating (cross-browser) acceptance tests with very little overhead
  • having readable test scenarios in a non technical language
  • allows excellent CI integration and infinite extending
  • built with open technologies and having all the benefits they offer
  • integrates very well with our preferred IDE (IntelliJ)

Cucumber Web Bridge is built on top of:

  • Java 1.7 for the test implementation code
  • Cucumber for the scenario writing
  • SAHI open source for executing browser tests

If you have IntelliJ IDEA 13 or higher, you can pretty much get started with CWB immediately and benefit from IntelliJ's Cucumber integration features like syntax highlighting and running tests from within the IDE.

The CWB website gives you all the information you need to get started with CWB.  Reporting issues or downloading the source code can be one on the Foreach Bitbucket repository.