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Our teams revolve around flexibility and teamwork. The individual development roles can switch, depending on the makeup of our teams, but one constant is our propensity for teamwork. Because great teamwork is essential to our craft.
At Foreach, you never work alone. Our teams have a flat command structure, to make sure that every member can contribute in a relevant way.

The client regularly confers with both the Tech Lead and the Product Owner. The Tech Lead is responsible for the technical aspects of the project, while the Product Owner takes on the project management and other, functional tasks. Together with the Team Lead, this triumvirate guides their project through its many stages.

Our development teams code together. While the Team Lead provides the necessary structure, every member has a say and every member codes. The advantages of this team focused approach are legion: pair programming, for example, is a great way to coach and learn from one another, and co-developer testing makes us much more efficient in finding and solving bugs.

Nice to Know

All work and no play makes for crummy code. So we make sure we can clear our heads, whether it’s by playing pool, by learning from each other during a DevTalk or a Demo, by joining a celebratory drink, by working on a pet project during our Ship-It days, etc.
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Join the Team

Our technical expertise makes us proud. Every day we learn, we challenge, we investigate, we share … Every day we raise the bar a bit. Intrigued?